ATV Beach Tour

ATV tour

Cactus ATV Beach Tour


If you enjoy feeling the desert breeze on your face as the engine of your off-road vehicle roars between your legs, this exhilarating ATV adventure is the ideal way to explore the back country of the beautiful Baja Peninsula. The Baja Peninsula is world-renowned for its rugged off-road environment, full of sweeping canyons, sandy dunes, rocky hills and mountains, dry river beds, cacti, and exotic desert flora and fauna. There is no experience quite as exciting as discovering the Baja landscape on an ATV.


  • Unforgettable way to experience the lower Baja Peninsula
  • See areas of Cabo that are only accessible through our ATV vehicles
  • Pass by vast Mexican deserts, scenic mountain terrain, and white sand beaches
  • Excellent way to explore the often overlooked Cabo countryside


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